Affiliate Management Service

Create products and share to all your affiliate networks, and so many more powerful tools.

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Social Proof & FOMO Widgets Notifications

Toolkit with marketing tools, plugins, and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engage and keep your website visitors.

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Marketing Platform for Social Network

With our service will help you save time and optimize profile management on social networks. Visually Plan, Schedule post and automation on social networks.

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Portfolio Builder

You can use Profilex to build a multiuser profile website within minutes.

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Educational social network

The social education service that provides many services in the form of an online course marketplace, online school builder, job search, communication, group creation, and much more.

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Robotic trading service on cryptocurrency exchanges

Powerful trading tool using modern automated trading technology for maximum profits Robotic trading service on cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Tokenomics-based customer, project and team management service

The software platform that combines the functions of a project manager, CRM, Helpdesk, communication, knowledge base, record keeping and other with an internal tokenized billing mechanism.

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How we do it

We built a factory of DApp projects

Our factory is a symbiosis of specialized online systems combined into a single ecosystem to organize decentralized management + Defi investing. Thanks to this technology we form teams of professionals who are able to implement any idea. Acting within our own ecosystem, we make efficient use of time and human resources, achieving fast results at a lower cost compared to the traditional method of project management.

The composition of our ecosystem
  • - our first and fundamental product, which was launched to bring together in one information space all departments and teams with DeFi funding.
  • Blockchain voting - an important tool for safe and democratic decision-making by project participants.
  • CFD token - our community's own crypto-token, which is utilitarian in nature and serves for the mutual exchange of energy that triggers processes and motivates project participants.
  • DAO - a mechanism to raise DeFi funding, manage tokenization, and fairly distribute dividends to all members of the CFD Team community.
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