About Us

We create the infrastructure for retail venture capital investment in various DApp projects.

With quality expertise and a voting system in blockchain we make a strict selection of projects for investment, implementation, launch and distribution of profits from monetization.

Attracting assets

Enabling you to safely raise capital by providing a new source of funding for innovation around the world.


We conduct high-quality selection of projects for investment thanks to the expertise of community members and the blockchain voting system.

Create and run

We have our own ecosystem for decentralized management of a team of developers and managers and a full cycle of software code production, its launch in the form of finished projects.

Supporting and developing

We support projects that are in our pool to maintain them effectively. And we also carry out regular work on their development.

Bringing in income

Providing everyone who wants to safely increase their capital with a new source of funding around the world.

Giving Work

Open a terrific career opportunity for professionals from a variety of fields, using our infrastructure as a hands-on lab and earning opportunity.

Why it's profitable to work with us

We aim to create opportunities for various benefits for our members. And here's how:

Receiving dividends from participation in a DAO

Everyone who purchased a CFDT governance token claims a proportional share of the profits from each project in the pool.

Getting income from selling CFD tokens

In our community it is easy to earn CFD token, which can be freely exchanged for any crypto-asset.

Make a career and gain experience

We have a truly unique farm, where we are constantly creating new code, managing complex processes and projects.

Create your own project

If you are an entrepreneur, you can implement your idea with a close-knit team of specialists and partners who can share the financial burden with you.

Let's get in touch!

If you have any questions, please send us a message.
We respond within 24 hours.